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Gili Air is the closest of the three Gili Islands to Lombok. A trip from Gili Air to Senggigi is straightforward and easy. With affordable boats departing Gili Air throughout the day and land transfers to Senggigi being offered in combination with our speed boat tickets, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of last minute arrangements or bartering with hawkers. Book your trip directly from the harbour in Gili Air to your hotel in Senggigi. The speed boat trip takes just 10-15mins, followed by a 45min drive in a private car to Senggigi. With Gili Air being such a laid-back island, Senggigi offers somewhat more in terms of utilities, making for a good change of pace. With a lot of Lombok activities surrounding Senggigi there will be more to see, explore and do. 

On Gili Air you can relax, enjoy the island and its surroundings and the fact that there are no vehicles apart from bikes and pony carts. In Senggigi you can of course also enjoy the weather, surroundings and beaches combined with a bit more commotion in town and the tropical jungle nearby. Relax on Gili Air then book your trip to Senggigi thorugh our website whenever you feel like you would like to enjoy things to do in Lombok.

Senggigi is about an hour and a half drive from the airport, and it is very easy to get a transfer from Senggigi to Lombok Airport. You can also book this through our site. While passing through Lombok from Gili Air, on your way to the airport or further down south, it would be a shame not to visit Senggigi and drive the beautiful coastal route with it's steep foothills, jungle and dark volcanic sandy beaches. 

Senggigi Lombok beach to Gili Air

Simply fill out the search form from Gili Air to Senggigi and you will directly see the transfers available between Gili Air and Senggigi. The boats sail between Gili Air and Teluk Nare on Lombok. They can be booked for any time in the morning, day or even into the evening. This makes our site perfect  to find a boat within any time frame that you prefer. 

Enjoy special treatment of a private, no-hassle speed boat and car transfer all for a very affordable rate, cheaper than when you arrange something on the day. Booking in advance is reccommended if you want to avoid haggling with local vendors and focus on enjoying your holiday. By using the search box at the top of this page you can book both this land transfer and boat transfer combo in one go.


Gili Air to Lombok, Senggigi

Travel distance from Gili Air to Senggigi by speed boat and car


Gili Air

Gili Meno Gili T






45 mins 45 mins 50 mins