Is it Safe to travel to Lombok?

We will be posting regular updates to this page to keep you informed of the situation in Lombok and the Gili Islands, detailing the response to the Coronavirus in the region. As soon as it's safe to travel to Lombok again, you’ll see it here first!
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Last Updated: 04/07/2023

Cases overview in Indonesia

  • Confirmed: 6 812 127
  • Deaths: 161 879
  • Recovered: 6 642 003

To learn more about the situation in West Nusa Tenggara, simply refer to the following sections:

Lombok Corona News

It is now possible to travel from Bali to Lombok.

Lombok International Airport in Central Lombok and Lembar Port in West Lombok, remain operational.

Gili Islands Corona News

The three Gili Islands have re-opened for tourism.


Gili islands

What can we do to help the locals?

The tourism industry is being badly hit by the pandemic. In 2018, the region was hit by the worst earthquake tragedy in living memory, causing tremendous suffering. In 2020, the local economy was finally expected to begin recovering towards normal levels - however these hopes have now been utterly shattered by the Coronavirus. People are losing their jobs and going hungry.
A way to help the locals is to consider rescheduling your trip instead of cancelling it for a refund, so that at least some businesses can survive this downturn and continue to provide work. 
You can also consider purchasing gift cards or using social media to share your travel experiences in the region and help others stay positive. 
When visiting, you might consider visiting more of the region that you previously planned. 

Gili islands


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